I only offer natural methods to help guide you on your epic hair journey.

No extensions, crocheting, interlocking, root rubbing or rolling used!


Schedule a consultation, lets discuss options for your Dreadlock Journey. 

Dreadlock Consultation 1 hr

$55 nonrefundable fee. $10 credit towards your first appointment if booked within a week of your consultation. This consultation is required before any dreadlock work will be started. We will go over a lot of information, bring your questions!


Beginning the Journey

I use two different methods based on the integrity and type of hair you have, we will go over that in the consultation.

Sitting fees start at $75 an hour

-Full sets depending on length can take 4-6 hours, multiple appointments are possible.

Keeping up with Journey

Frizzy crazy velcro madness got you down? No worries, lets give that scalp some romance. We've got options!

- Deep Soak Wash 

- Aloe Roots

- Scalp Treatments

- Wash and Seperate (hourly rates)

- Decor Wrapping


Because decorating your locks is a lot of fun, and also helpful on our journey.


*YES, you can color dreadlocks and I would be happy to do it for you!

My personal Dreadlock Journey of 4 years