Who the heck is Veggie Reaper?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Hey everyone!

Welcome to our new/first blog --Veggie Reaper. As requested by many of our foodie fans, here we are - blog style and ready to share. As I'm sure some of you already know, we are super into cooking delicious vegan foods, and by chance you may have even gotten to try some! Our goal with this space is to post new recipes once a month and make occasional posts in between and see where this goes. We appreciate any feedback, and ideas you'd like for us to address here! Follow us along on our food adventure, and let's do stuff and things plant related.

Shout out to our friend Ace Wilde, for our super rad logo - isn't it so Grim?!

Who is Veggie Reaper?

Veggie Reaper we believe, is our soul purpose, and we're here to help others find their way to plant based bliss. We are a vegan sustainable duo, and our mission is to spread the love with clean, cruelty free recipes that anyone can enjoy. Our journeys pulled us into the kitchen, and we started to experiment more which sparked something in both of us. We both have a desire to share this love of creating with others. Reaping benefits from veggies, and doing less harm is a win win! There's something magical about plant based food, food is energy -- what energy do you feed yourself?

Who are the Grim's?

Hi, we are the Grim's (yep, like the reaper)!

Two far-out peas in one groovy pod, haha! An Iowa rooted couple, growing together for over 13 years. More than seven years ago, Nikki went vegan for health reasons, and her husband Jeff went vegan last year in 2018. After a lot of research, Nikki's commitment to veganism expanded to include all aspects of her life, including her Vegan Eastern Iowa hair salon- Atomic Salon. Nikki is a local yoga therapist who offers in depth knowledge about plant based living and movement. Jeff has worked for a local lawn care company for the last 10 years and the company strives on using organic techniques that help protect the environment. As self-proclaimed foodies, the Grim's spend their free time teaching vegan cooking classes, catering small, local events and helping with Iowa Farm Sanctuary volunteering. Their love for animals spreads through their whole life. At home they have 10 rescues they share their home with. You can follow the hashtag #grimfamilyzoo to see how adorable they all are, they are the hearts center of the Grim's life. Iowa Farm Sanctuary a sanctuary for over 70 rescued farm animals also plays a special part in the Grim's life. Nikki is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Iowa Farm Sanctuary where Jeff also volunteers/plays handy man.

Its really odd talking in the third person... any way... let's get down to the news now that you know a bit about us!

Where have we been, where are we going? Goals?

We've taught multiple vegan cooking classes locally, catered for local and private events, helped with personalized meal prepping and have written and created many recipes in the last 3 years. Everything in this journey has happened organically, and with a lot of hard work. We are so thankful for our friends in the community, with out them we wouldn't be where we are today. We have always loved food, but never knew the places it could take us.

(Shout out to our awesome friend in this photo and the photo above wearing the banana suit, Hailey Dixon from Des Moines who owns Bright Side Kitchen, and has dream teamed events with us!)

In the Spring we helped Iowa Farm Sanctuary with their largest annual event, the 3rd Annual Spring PigNic. We created sandwich ideas for guests with donated and homemade items we made, dips, sides, and desserts for over 300 people! It was an amazing event, as always- this was our 3rd year helping.

This Fall we helped with Iowa Farm Sanctuary's Carl's 3rd Birthday Party, and catered treats to the guests as well as make the birthday boys cake! Recently we taught a Vegan Chip Dip class at the VegFest of Eastern Iowa. It was such a blast! There were 500 people waiting at the doors to be let in to the event. The event had such an awesome showing of support and we ended up teaching over 100 students in our class alone, how awesome is that?!

Don't worry, the recipes are included on the bottom of this post for you.

(Birthday Boy, Carl the cow turns 3 at Iowa Farm Sanctuary Birthday Party)

Are you still following along?? There is a lot to cover in this "short n sweet" post.

The amount of ideas we have are overwhelming, but it is time we get started with Veggie Reaper! The recipes in this post are a sneak peak into the cookbook that we are currently working on. Yippee! It is going to take us some time, but it will be worth it. We're hoping that a cookbook can help us on our path to a food truck. There we said it! A food truck would allow us many opportunities, more food event participation and we would be able to sell our homemade vegan mock meats, and cheese in Farmers Markets, and Atomic Salon, Nikki's hair shop. We will update you along the way, like we said.. ideas are a plenty... We've got a plan and the party has started.

We are happy to announce we are catering an all vegan retreat! YESSS! If winter isn't working for you, stay tuned for our Dog Days of Summer Retreat this summer August 6-11, more details TBA.

“2nd Annual Lunar New Year Yoga Retreat”

Teachers Rachel Grant with Mother Moon Yoga, and Heather Dalhoff, from Humble New Beginnings will be leading the retreat! Join us at Lake of the Ozarks January 23-28 for a winter wellness yoga getaway!  ***************************************************************** HERE'S THE DETAILS: *5 nights in a 5,000 square foot “retreat like” lakefront home featuring 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and plenty of space for group classes. *All meals and snacks Vegan, prepared by yours truly, we will be in house preparing all your meals.  Infused water, tea, coffee, and snacks also provided daily. *Yoga and Meditation sessions twice daily. *Free 1 hour Reiki’ or Sound Healing session.     *1 hour float in a sensory deprivation pool or pod. *Custom wrist mala making class. *Essential oil blending class and yoga with essential oils. *Vocal toning and mantra practice. *Chakra balancing workshop. *Teachings on mudras. *Group Sound healing and gong yoga. *New Moon Circle & traditional Native American pipe ceremony OPTIONAL unique massage experience featuring reflexology, Indian facial massage, Tok Sen, and Thai or cupping, if desired. (Additional costs apply.) NOT INCLUDED: transportation to/from retreat, any gratuity for spa, food, and healing services, optional massage session described above. ************************************************** This retreat coincides with both a New Moon and the beginning of Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year! Our retreat will focus on giving you a wellness reset as well as guidance on how to navigate 2020 aligned with your higher self. ************************************************** ❄️❄️❄️NEW LOWER PRICE!!!❄️❄️❄️ In order to make the retreat more affordable and accessible, I’ve modified our offerings and lowered the price by $250! Submit your $500 deposit by November 30th. Payment due in full by December 31st. BEDROOMS AVAILABLE AND COST: 3 King bedrooms with private bathroom and shower.      SINGLE OCCUPANCY: $1500      DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $1300 each 2 King bedrooms sharing Jack & Jill bathroom and shower      SINGLE OCCUPANCY: $1300       DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $1100 each 1 Queen bedroom with private bathroom and shower.      SINGLE OCCUPANCY: $1200      DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $1000 each *All bedrooms contain 1 bed, which would be shared with double occupancy. ** A 2% processing fee applies to online and credit card payments. There is no fee for payment by check or cash. ************************************************** To register, contact Mother Moon Yoga through Facebook, or email at rachel@mothermoonyoga.com.

Sounds amazing right? I hope you can join us.

Social Media

"Veg is the life for me" as we say. You can follow our most used hashtag #vegisthelifeforme for some food photo inspiration online. Veggie Reaper is now online, and starting to get connected, follow our IG, FB, and this awesome blog for updates and things. There will be a special tab on www.atomicsalon.net for all food relations and this page - so you can stay in the loop. Please like, and share with your friends and family!

IG: @veggiereaper FB: @veggiereaper Email: veggiereapercr@gmail.com

You can also support Veggie Reaper by sporting our merch, who doesn't love a t-shirt?!


Veggie Reaper Vegan Chip Dip Recipes

French Onion Dip

Written by: Nikki and Jeff Grim

Yield: 2 cups

Time: Less than 5 minutes to make 45-60 minutes until you eat

Ingredients to blend together:

Extra Firm Tofu - 1 pack (453 g)

Apple Cider Vinegar- 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice- 4 tbsp (two small lemons or one large lemon)

*Add water or oil to blend more easily- 2 tbsp

Green Onion Diced - 1 stalk

Onion Powder- 3 tsp

Garlic Powder 1.5 tsp

Soy Sauce 1-1.5 tsp

Cracked Black Pepper- 1 tsp or to taste

Pink Salt- 1-2 tsp or to taste

Stir in Parsley 1 tbsp (garnish with fresh or dried)

Drain and press the liquid out of your tofu (10-15 minutes)

Add all ingredients and blend high till smooth (2-4 minutes)

Add herbs last for garnish

Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour.

Serve with chips, veggies or use it as a spread for sandwiches or salads.

Wholly Guacamole

Written by: Nikki and Jeff Grim

Yield: 2-3 cups

Time: 15 minutes


Avocados- 4

Red Onion- 1 diced

Large Tomato- 1 diced (or two small tomatoes)

Jalapeno- finely chopped

Garlic- 3 cloves minced

Cilantro -½ a bunch

Lime- 1 juiced

Cracked Pepper- ½ tsp or to taste

Pink Salt- ½ tsp or to taste

Pit avocados and mash (we like it chunky so we use a potato masher)

Stir in the rest of the ingredients, and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips, or on tacos.

If your guacamole starts to brown after sitting in the fridge, add more lime juice

Red Roasted Pepper Hummus

Written by Nikki and Jeff Grim

Yield: 2 cups

Time: 15-20 minutes

Ingredients to blend together:

Cooked Chickpeas- 1 1/2 cups (one can)

Sweet Mini Red Pepper- 3 roasted- leave one to chop and garish on top

Tahini- 3-4 tbsp

Garlic- 2-3 cloves

Nutritional Yeast- 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice- 4 tbsp (2 small lemons or one large lemon)

Water (instead of oil)- add as much as you need to blend smoothly

Cracked Pepper- ½ tsp or to taste

Pink Salt- ½ tsp or to taste

Add all your ingredients to a food processor or your blender, and blend until smooth. Add more water as you go along to make it more creamy. You can also use oil instead if you’d like.

Garnish the top with sweet red pepper, and enjoy.

To roast your red peppers, cut them in half and place on parchment paper on a baking tray and set the oven to 450 degrees. Bake for 15-20 minutes until charred on top

Thank you again for the endless support and lighting our fire to help make our dreams come true.

Enjoy the dips and until next time...

Eat like its your last meal,

The Grim's

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